GMO Internet Group

Venture Spirit Declaration
GMO Internet Group has inherited and accumulated entrepreneurship (the Declaration) since Internet business was established in 1995.

These are structured as GMO Internet Group’s dreams, vision, and corporate philosophy and are stated clearly in Venture Spirit Declaration.

This Venture Spirit Declaration describes our dreams, our roles in society, and strategies to achieve our aims.

Under this Venture Spirit Declaration, all partners of the GMO Internet Group will continue to contribute to society.

Our Dream
What is it that we are committed to?
To be overwhelmingly number one in the Internet industry.

How we win prizes
We focus our business resources on the “place” for the Internet, and generate significant benefits as a result of bringing smiles and excitement to our many fans.

Why are we here
We strive to redefine the industry and foster a vibrant Internet culture. We believe in the importance of contributing to society and as a group we continually work to inspire enthusiasm in our customers and put smiles on their faces.

GMO Internet Group’s corporate logo emphasizes “GMO” that is included in the company names of GMO Internet and other Group companies, and employs colors that can provide a sense of familiarity and security so that wider range of customers may find the logo familiar.

Simple, steady, and stable design shows that GMO Internet Group is aiming to become No. 1 company that comprehensively develops world-class Internet services that are indispensable to society, supporting a Japanese Internet.

Tel: +81(0)3-6702-0069

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